Baby Blinkie Bug Light Up Toy

Sale price$54.99

Baby bugs light up when they're excited - Choose whichever color you like, and their delicate wings and translucent Lume Bu will joyfully glow. 

Baby Blinkie Bugs favorite activities include snoozing in a warm Phydra belly, buzzing around with friends, or flashing vibrant hues to attract other cute lover bugs. 

 Product features: 

  • 12 different colors!
  • custom firefly light mode 
  • Control the wings and booty separately. 
  • 6 different light modes
  • adjustable speed & brightness
  • Remote controlled
  • Hanging points included design so Bugg-o can fly!
Product details: 
  • Approximately 12inches in size
  • Product takes 3 AA batteries
  • Batteries not included 
  • Manual on/off switch in addition to remote
  • Not suitable for children under 3

Color: Pinkie Popple-Top

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